Welcome to our new website!

9th January 2015

Hi, this is where we will try to keep the site updated and interesting. The site will go live around 10th Jan, so keep looking here for new beers coming, etc. The pub is a bit bare at the minute as we are a bit short of memorabilia. If anyone has any mirrors or pictures suitable, for the walls beer or brewery related, we would love to hang them up for you.

At the moment we are having a collage made of the King’s Ditch history to put up on the wall, which should give some interest.

We shall still heavily rely on Facebook page for putting on the beers that are being dispensed that week, and of course the Ciders.

Should you have any suggestions, as to what Beers or Ciders we should get let a member of staff know, please note, we do not want to have the same beers as the other local pubs. The idea of this venture is to give people choice, our range will be mainly locale_logo_hiresas it is now popularly called, that is beers from within 25 miles of the micropub.

Please note You are guaranteed a full pint, as we only use oversized glasses. So for the price we’re chargin, your gettin a bargin.

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